Summary of the Synod's progress in the dioceses

I hope the synod will bring about needed changes in our Church

I decided to participate in the synod meetings because I believe that this is an important and unique event in the history of the Church in which I can participate. During the meetings I made new acquaintances with members of the Church, I had the opportunity to listen to their views on various topics, it was important for me to discuss and exchange views. Rev. Raphael presented the history of the Church in an interesting way, while discussing the Gospel passages, he also commented on the passages very coolly. What I found very valuable were the contributions of the participants regarding the issues contained in the topics of the meetings, I heard many pertinent opinions and insights that I had not come across myself, and with which I completely agree. However, I regret that people who are far from the Church, and who usually have a lot to say about the Church, did not choose to attend the meetings. I hope the meetings will continue, as they were an interesting experience for me. I also hope that the synod will bring about needed changes in our Church.