Summary of the Synod's progress in the dioceses

Evidence of the Holy Spirit's work

We made the decision to participate in the synod meetings consciously, realizing that this is an opportunity to express our own opinions on issues important to the Church. During the subsequent meetings, we discovered in practice that their structure (praying to the Holy Spirit, reading Scripture, listening sympathetically to what others said and pointing out what particularly moved us in what we heard) leads to valuable conclusions sometimes quite different from the assumptions with which we arrived at the synod meetings. For us, this is evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit and the deep value of synodal meetings. We are pleased with the people we met at these meetings. And although we sometimes differ in our opinions on particular topics, what unites us is more important: faith and concern for the future of the Church. We wonder about the possible fruits of these meetings. Before the Universal Church, the great challenge is to link together the reflections that have arisen in many places around the world. Work for which we will probably have to wait for the results... Then there is the local perspective and the desire that the synodal meetings translate in some way into our parish community, to become an impetus for its development and continuance in difficult times. This is what we will pray for.

Magda i Mariusz