Summary of the Synod's progress in the dioceses

Dialogue in the Church is important and necessary

I first heard about the synod last October, and even then, not fully aware of what it was still about, I took part in synod meetings held as part of the leaders' meetings of the Men of St. Francis movement. St. Joseph's. Soon after, I was asked to organize such meetings by Fr. Pastor of his own parish. The organization of the meetings forced a deeper understanding of the topic and the discovery of how much the synod, which has begun, is needed by the Church. The meetings revealed, in discussing more topics, how important and necessary dialogue is in our Church. Each of the ancillary topics that were addressed in the search for answers to the fundamental question inspired ever broader and deeper reflection, and the proposed way of conducting the meetings greatly helped us to hear and express what is important to us and what the Holy Spirit calls us to. I experienced at each meeting the true work of the Spirit, which moved in the participants of the meetings and produced beautiful fruits. I believe that in our parish, the synod will be just the beginning of our richly shared path, led by the Holy Spirit. I hope that this path will allow all of us to grow in faith, hope and, above all, love, and enable us to find God's Will and fulfill it better and better. I was encouraged by the participants' declaration of their willingness to continue the meetings and the expected further fruits. I trust that some difficulties related to a certain fear and misunderstanding of the synod's goals, which in many people appeared, will be removed and will allow everyone to benefit from what we have been given. I earnestly wish and pray that the Church, through the process that has begun, will find the true path prepared for us by the best Father to eternal life with Him.