Parish of St. The Church of St. Michael the Archangel on Muchobor Wielki in Wrocław

What’s next for the Synod in our parish?
In an effort to answer them, we created the following plan:
1 We believe that now is the time for those involved in the Synod, as well as those who did not participate in the synodal meetings, but who have concern for our parish at heart, to familiarize themselves with the parish synthesis document that has been prepared (an electronic version is available on the parish website:, a paper version is available on the Catholic press table). In this document there are suggestions for all parishioners (faithful, community leaders, sisters, vicar priests, parish priest). So everyone can find inspiration in it, which can help build their own faith but will also serve to strengthen and build our parish. And as a result, each of us, starting today, can get into action 🙂
2. in about 6 months, we want to hold a meeting where anyone willing could share the fruits of the Synod and the actions taken as a result: What do I find valuable? What have I been able to implement? What else would I like to work on? That is, everyone would evaluate their contribution to the implementation of the synodal suggestions.
3 We plan to repeat synodal meetings in 12 months (number of meetings, form, questions to be determined). We want to develop the practice of coming together and sharing our dreams and concerns about our parish.