I sesja synodalna w Rzymie (4-29.10.2023r):
przebieg prac, transmisje, zdjęcia / dokumenty, homilie, medytacje itp / pozostałe materiały

II sesja synodalna w Rzymie (2-27.10.2024r):

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Diocese of Bielsko-Żywiec

“Synodality represents hope for the Church in many dimensions. It is a certain necessity these days. It is necessary to care for its continuance while respecting fidelity to the teachings and traditions of the faith,” reads one of the conclusions found in the synodal synthesis prepared by the Diocese of Bielsko-Żywiec. The summary stressed that the most important novelty for all synodal participants was “learning together how to talk and discuss the Church, how to touch fundamental questions of faith, but also how to describe ordinary human experience.”